Beauty Design & Website Development

At CodeDrips, we work with beauty brands to provide transformational website development.  In the beauty industry, we understand that your website is one of the most prominent tools to display your brand, display your product and service so you can captivate and reach your audience. Whether you’re a beauty salon, spa, cosmetics brand, or skincare clinic, we have the expertise to make your beauty business digitally shine.

Your business demands a unique online presence, and we get that.  We do this through, stunning visuals and by displaying quality product shots in an engaging way – incorporating high quality images, videos and graphics to showcase your products and services beautifully.

We integrate eCommerce features for seamless and secure shopping/ checkout experiences along with features such as appointment booking. We understand content management is important to you, and develop headless content management systems (CMS) within Sanity, WordPress, Contentful and Dato based on your needs. 

Our approach is always mobile first, ensuring your brand looks and functions well on mobile devices. We’ll also ensure its set up for SEO, to help your brand rank high in search results and attract more visitors.

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